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Analytical Report On Case Study titled “Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard By Richard Werssowelz & Michael Beer”

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Executive Summary The case study, which we analyzed, was written to study the concept of Human Resources of Hewlett-Packard (HP), which was started in 1938 by two electrical engineers Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The company grew from a small electronic instruments company into one of the global leaders in information technology products and services by the end of the 20th century.  The  ‘HP  Way’,  a  unique  people-focused, consensus-driven work culture initiated by the founders had been the driving force behind its growth. HP feels it is very selective in considering job candidates. Great emphasis is given on adaptability and cultural fit. An important  outgrowth  of  the  open  door  communication  policy  is  what  HP  calls  “Management   by  Wandering  Around”  (MBWA).  HP  has  tried  to  spread  and  institutionalize  this  concept  by   wide exposure in company publications, meetings and training sessions and by the example of  upper  management.  HP  feels  it’s  the  best  use  of  people  which  aids  the  coordination  of  the   design, manufacturing, and distribution process. For getting the best out of its employees, HP has used a competitive performance appraisal and salary administration process. In this system,  “wage  curves”  for  various  levels  are  set  to  be  competitive  with  relevant  labor  markets.   Individual  pay  is  set  by  a  combination  of  relevant  experience  and  “sustained  performance.”  In future HP is going to face challenges regarding the adaptability and durability of its methods and its managers. The compounding pressure of growth, the requirements of newer market and intensified competition will only make it more complex. HP desires to grow its own management and supervision means. The problems of assimilating the number of new employees and new supervisors through effective leadership are compounded by the increasing geographical. Having gone through the human resource practices of HP and its future challenges which lie ahead due to expansion, we can say unleashing innovation over the long term, making deep-seated, meaningful change through leadership & cooperation — are the main keys to sustaining growth against the current of change.

Issue Statement
The purpose of this written report is to obtain information from the case study regarding human resource practices in Hewlett-Packard and thereby understanding future challenges and recommending ways to cope up with impending hurdles.

Information Analysis
Management Philosophy HP believes that the thinking of other people should not necessarily be accepted without the most careful consideration and without some actual testing in practice. It has developed a unique way of working with its people tagged as   “HP   Spirit”   which   is   the   key   to   their   productivity,   leadership,   continuing progress and success. “THE  HP  WAY” The founders of Hewlett-Packard Company, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, developed a directing set of corporate objectives  and  a  business  style  known  as  “The HP WAY”. This participative management style supports even demands, individual freedom and initiative while emphasizing commonness of purpose and teamwork. The company provides direction in the form of well-defined negotiated goals, shared data, and support of necessary resources and employees are expected to create their own ways of working. BACKGROUND In   1939   Bill   Hewlett   and   Dave   Packard   set   up   the   “Hewlett-Packard   Company   (HP)” in a one-car garage and produced a new type of audio oscillator. By 1980, sales were 3.01 billion US Dollar. For the first 20 years they...
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