Directions to Palo Alto

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Directions to Palo Alto

By | November 2012
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Driving directions to 801 Welch Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304 3D2D 1. Head west on Summer Crest Dr toward Dewar Ln 125 ft 2. Turn left onto Dewar Ln 0.1 mi
3. Turn right onto W Monte Vista Ave 0.5 mi
4. Turn right to merge onto CA-99 N 24.7 mi
5. Take exit 241 to merge onto CA-120 W toward Manteca/San Francisco 6.5 mi 6. Take exit 1A on the left to merge onto I-5 S toward SFrancisco/Los Angeles 2.3 mi 7. Slight right onto I-205 W (signs for SFrancisco/Interstate 205/Interstate 580) 14.0 mi 8. Merge onto I-580 W 19.5 mi

9. Take exit 44B to merge onto I-680 S toward San Jose 17.4 mi 10. Take exit 12 for Mission Blvd/State Route 262 toward I-880 0.2 mi 11. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Mission Blvd W and merge onto Mission Blvd/State Route 262 S 1.0 mi 12. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-880 S/SJose and merge onto I-880 S 4.0 mi 13. Take exit 8C to merge onto CA-237 W toward Mountain View 7.0 mi 14. Take exit 3A to merge onto US-101 N toward San Francisco 7.3 mi 15. Take exit 403 to merge onto University Ave 2.6 mi

16. Continue onto Palm Dr 0.3 mi
17. Turn right onto Arboretum Rd 0.3 mi
18. Turn left onto Quarry Rd 0.2 mi
19. Turn right onto Welch Rd - Destination will be on the left 0.3 mi

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