Directional "How to Throw a Softball"

Topics: Upper limb anatomy, Finger, Hand Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Learning to throw the ball correctly with the right mechanics is extremely important in the game of softball. Throwing is the most common error found in softball. There are some things you need to know before you actually perform the act of throwing. You must know how to grip the ball. The most common grip is a three finger grip where you use your index, middle, and ring finger. You place your fingertips on the seams of the ball where it forms a “C”. Your thumb should grip the seams on the bottom of the ball. Always hold the ball in your fingertips and away from your palm. When you release the ball it will have a backspin or in other terms a snap. The better grip you have the better your control and speed. Always make sure your body is positioned correctly or your throw will be offline. Your body should be perpendicular to your target. The inside of your back foot should be facing your target and the front foot should be lined up with the back foot. Your front shoulder should also point to your target. Your glove arm elbow should act as a pointer toward the target and be about chest high. Always be conscious of the position of your throwing arm. Raise your elbow to shoulder height, so that your forearm is perpendicular to the ground and behind you, forming an “L.” Keep your palm facing away from you as you prepare to throw. The reason your palm faces away from you is because it gives your wrist more torque when snapping. Now, put everything together. Start by positioning your body so that you are perpendicular to your target. Next, get the proper grip with your throwing hand. Once you have your grip, extend your non-throwing arm towards your target. Reach back with your throwing hand until it reaches the “L” position with your palm facing away from you. Lead with your elbow, while at the same time pulling your glove into your body. Bring your arm over the top, and snap your wrist to throw. As you make your throw, your body weight is...
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