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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Regularly changing your car's engine oil and filter is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running well. Your oil should be changed every 3000 miles.Have you ever wanted to be able to change the oil in your car yourself? So you did not have to spend a lot of money taking your car to a shop to have this done? I would rather change the oil myself then spend all the extra money, and I am going to explain to you how to do this so you can save yourself some money also. First you will need to gather all the necessary tools and supplies. Such as oil, oil filter, wrenches, a item for the oil to drain into. Also some newspaper or drop cloth incase of spilt oil to prevent a oil stain on driveway or garage. Then, before draining the oil you may want to open the hood and open the oil filler cap, this will help the oil drain faster because air can flow in the oil drains. Then you will need to locate the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan. Next loosen the drain plug with a wrench or socket, counter- clock wise. You should also remove and replace the circular paper drain plug gasket. A metal washer can be re-used if in good condition. Be careful not to drop the plug in oil, if you do you can use a magnet to get plug out of oil without making a mess. Also you could use a funnel with some screening in it to catch the plug as it falls out to prevent the plug from falling in the oil. Next you will need to find the filter assembly these could be on the front, back or side of engines. This could be a hard process to find. Once located remove from engine, this could also be a hard process. Once you have a hold of filter a slow and steady twisting can sometimes get it to begin to spin. If you cannot get it off by hand, you may need to use an oil filter wrench. Eventually it will come off. Also when removing filter remember, to make sure that the rubber gasket ring comes off with the filter. If you don't and it sticks to the car, the new filter won't seal...
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