Direction of Health Care

Topics: Health care, Healthcare reform, Health insurance Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Direction of Health Care 1

Future Direction of Health Care
Caroline Walker
HCA: 421 Health Care Planning & Evaluation
Instructor: Debra Storlie
October 8, 2012

Direction of Health Care 2
For the past 30 years, health care spending has risen at a faster rate than the economy, nearly every year. These rising costs have put a burden on America’s families as patients, taxpayers, business owners, and employees who have seen a growing share of their paycheck go to pay for health care. There is evidence that health care costs can be reduced while quality is improved. Making sure the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time everyone can also make can also make care more affordable.

The National quality Strategy recognizes that while this will be a challenge, the goal of reducing cost is important to all because of the impact of increasing costs on families, employees, and state and federal governments. For that reason The National Quality strategy will foster care strategies that reduce redundant and harmful care, for example by reducing health care acquired condition establish common measures that will help accesses the cost impact of new programs and payment system on families, employers, and the public sector, along with how well these programs support innovation and effective care, build measurement of cost and resource use along with the patient. Experience and outcomes into the full range of public and private sector efforts to reform payment, reduce waste from undue administration burdens, and make health care cost and quality more transparent to consumers and providers so they can make better choices and decision.

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