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Q: Your principal wants to make sure that your school is doing all it can to encourage a healthy lifestyle for the students. The principal has asked you to write a report suggesting the changes you think are needed in your school to make this possible. Write your report. You must include the following:

1) What is wrong at the moment, so that the principal knows exactly what has to be changed. 2) What improvements you would like to see, both in the curriculum and the school facilities. 3) How you think students and the school would benefit from these changes. -------------------------------------------------

Cover all these points above in detail. You should make your report informative and persuasive for the principal. Start your report “To the principal’, and remember to add your signature and a date. A:

To the principal
Sunnydale, Senior Section
Dear Madam,
With all due respect, I would like to bring to your knowledge, a detailed report covering the inconvenience students of our school are encountering while pursuing their daily work and activities. It is a thought-provoking matter which requires concern of a higher authority. Hence, I have decided to seek your support. As imperative as it is, I would like to mention the foremost necessities that the students have placed forward. Apparently, the classrooms assigned to the students of each section fails to accommodate them sufficiently, leaving little space for ventilation. This causes difficulties in movement during class activities. Especially, during the summer months, the intense heat makes it nearly impossible to sustain a smooth-flowing working environment. To add to that, the school library lacks sufficient resourceful books, and fails to maintain a peaceful and silent environment (generally considered to be an imperative criteria of a library) where the students can focus on their work without any inconvenient interruption. In my opinion, students are...
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