Direct Selling Using Product of Tropicana

Topics: Nutrition, Juice, Target market Pages: 4 (849 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Mark Elvin Chavez

Target Market
I will search for the a variety of customers for our Pomegranate juice and the needs are different from segment to segment.
ADULTS: Between 25 to 50 years old age Professionals
and parents
o Becoming more concern about their heath
o Preferred organic juices
o Chosen rich nutrition than better taste
o Concern about price and quality
HEALTY CONSCIOUS: Between 18 to up year’s old age; Health professionals and people who are conscious or want to improve their health. o Find solution for health problem
o Heart, cancer, hardening of the arteries and related diseases o Influence by the fact and scientific research
o Want to live longer
o Don’t care about price
o Concern quality minerals
o Brand image is important

YOUTH: Between 14 to 25 year’s old age.
o Likes to drink cool stuff
o Preference depended on fashion
o Drink for style
o Purchase cheep drink
o Easily influence by TV, magazine and online advertisement

I will use creative message or advertising message elements of the new re-launch campaign are based on rational appeals and include the following punch lines. “Just As Nature Intended”
It takes at least 12 oranges to make just one liter. Plus you can choose between "bits" and "no bits"; original and smooth. “Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away”
We take pride in using only the sweetest, juiciest fruit from select orange varieties ripened by natural rainfall and the warmth of the sun. Picked at perfect ripeness in the middle of the growing season, we harvest what is known as 'centre cut' for mouth-watering flavor and freshness. It's no wonder that glass after glass, Tropicana tastes so good. “With 100% natural goodness in every glass, Tropicana provides delicious nutrition at any time of day. Traditional tastes, tangy tropical blends, juices with added nutrients; our orange, citrus and mango flavors are sure to satisfy, seduce and revitalize whatever your...
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