Direct Selling Industry

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Today is an era of conspicuous consumption. It is not just individuals from the elite society who are splurging but even the Filipino middle classes are shelling out cash for premium quality products and services. This evolution in the Philippine marketplace is one of the major reasons why ADP Industries Corporation entered into the picture.

ADP Industries Corporation is a 28 years old distribution, trading and marketing company in the Philippines. This business organization earned the reputation of “being innovative and competent in the fields of Marketing, Sales, and Distribution of fast-moving branded consumer goods (FMCG) nationwide.” The company represents internationally renowned brands in the Philippine market. As a matter of fact, ADP Industries carries brands that are leaders in their categories and countries of origin such as Chupa Chups of Spain, Freixenet of Spain, Molinera & Cofrutos of Spain, Smint of Spain, Kodak of USA, Societe Bic of France, Arcor of Argentina, and Kamaya Co. Ltd. of Japan. Thus, ADP Industries Corporation proved its world-class business operation through the long-term partnerships it established with these world-renowned companies.

ADP Industries Corporation is particularly proud in its “experience in the development and marketing of branded premium priced products.” The products represented by the company includes confectioneries, juice and beverages, snack foods, wines and spirits, tobacco related accessories, personal and healthcare products. These products are delivered to the consumers through extensive distribution. As a matter of fact, ADP Industries core competence is its vast distribution network and marketing components. The first 10 years of operation was focused in establishing strong partnerships with traditional distribution channels (see table 1). Within the company’s 10 years of operation, ADP Industries Corporation tapped the key marketing channels that helped the organization established a Full-Value-Delivery-Network (see table 2). And today, ADP Industries Corporation distributes premium quality priced products to over 7,000 leading outlets and stores nationwide.

Table 1: Channels of Distribution
|CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION | |Supermarket |Drug Store | |Hyper Market |Convenience Store | |Grocery |Market Stall | |Minimart |Wholesalers | |Department Store |Sub-Distributor / Dealer | |Bazaar |Other Segment / Niche |

Reference: ADP Industries Corporation Internet Portal

Table 2: Key Accounts
|KEY ACCOUNTS | |Rustan's Supermarket |Watsons | |Robinson's Supermarket |Caltex Starmart | |SM Supermarket |Mini Stop | |Mercury Drug Corp. |Shop Wise | |7 Eleven |South Supermarket | |Shell Select |Landmark | |Supervalue, Inc. |Cherry Supermarket |

Reference: ADP Industries Corporation Internet Portal

ADP Industries Corporation does not only aspire to become a dominant player in the distribution and trading of fast moving branded quality consumer products. But the company also intends to be a major contributor in uplifting the quality of life of the Filipinos by bringing quality products that are sold at a reasonable price.


One of the missions of ADP Industries Corporation is “to serve and develop...
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