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30th April 2009

1.0 Executive Summary

Telekom Malaysia Berhad as know as TM is one of the largest telecommunications service and Number One information communication technologies providers in Malaysia which offers a comprehensive range in fixed-line, mobile, data, and broadband communication services.

Streamyx is one of the products of TM. It is Malaysia popular fixed-line user favorite that have the highest connectivity up to 4.0Mbps. Streamyx is a wire broadband provided by TM and wireless broadband such as Streamyx Zone™. Streamyx Zone™ is a wireless broadband that allowed users to access to the Internet any time anywhere.

AIDA model in direct marketing is a successful stage of purchases by consumer in personal selling by creating an advertising message which can obtain Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. These four element model comes from the alphabet AIDA and each element contain different issues and meaning.

The budget of perform new campaign have to be calculate accurately so that the company will be able to raise the reputation and increase the sales volume. There are several new campaign have been suggested such as SMS campaign, telemarketing campaign, and contest campaign. In the SMS campaign user can be obtain the information needed from TM Streamyx such as the latest promotion package, latest information about new technologies, etc. Telemarketing campaign is to build and maintain the satisfactory of customer relationships. Contest campaign is a campaign that allowed user to join the campaign in term of competition. Winner can be getting valuable prizes once they win in the competition.

2.0 Introduction of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) History

Telekom Malaysia Berhad was founded as a government organization and privatized in 1987. Telekom Malaysia Berhad is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Malaysia which offers a comprehensive range in fixed-line, mobile, data, and broadband communication services. Telekom Malaysia Berhad as know as TM is the Malaysia Number One information communication technologies provider. Besides that, TM is known as a market leader and offers a comprehensive range of communication services and solution in broadband, data and fixed-lined. As a market leader, TM emphasis on providing continuous customer service quality enhancements and innovations. Therefore, TM is balance the position of Malaysia as a regional Internet hub and digital gateway for South-East Asia with the extensive global connectivity. TM also involve of Next Generation Network service provider enabling the Group to enhance its efficiency and productivity while providing enriched products and services. (

According to Chong.C.W et al (2007), the telecommunication industry in Malaysia has experienced significant growth in recent years. The use of broadband services in Malaysia was only at 0.85 percent in 2004 but its usage was targeted to increase to 10 percent by 2008 (Lim, 2004). In addition, the main telecommunication provider in Malaysia, which mean Telekom Malaysia (TM) projected that the number of internet subscribers in the country is expected to reach the 10 million mark in the next five years. This statement is based on the growing trend of internet users in the last three years as Malaysia moved towards advanced information, communication and multimedia services.

2.1 About Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Products

Streamyx is one of the products of TM. It is Malaysia premier broadband which hooks up Malaysians nationwide with the fast-paced online world. Streamyx provide wide bandwidth gives Malaysians an unsurpassed Internet experience. By using Malaysia’s Number One provider of information communication technologies Streamyx broadband, users able to perpetually online, enjoying unlimited usage for a fixed rate and downloading data at lighting speeds of up to 4.0Mbps. TMNET Streamyx provide...
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