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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Database Marketing Methods
Getting database list can be fairly straightforward if they have their own customer. But even then, Citibank Singapore may have to develop more sources to obtain additional customer data about your customers. Here are some of Citibank in-house records collected that can be used to develop the customer database: Sales Receipts/Invoices/Order Forms

These documents give Citibank the following information of customer buying behaviour: date of last purchase, dates of all purchases over a period of time, the amount of money spent. They can also determine what products/services were purchased by the customer. Surveys

For example, they can call customers and administer full questionnaires of 10 questions to gather complete information about them. This would be a very costly way to collect data - especially for a large number of customers. Mail may be a better technique for this type of database information collection. Phone surveys are useful if they are updating their database. Demographics

Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the consumer into groups based on variables such as age, gender family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality. As Citibank expect, demographic segmentation variables are amongst the most popular bases for segmenting customer groups. The Common Uses of Database

Citibank adopts some of the uses of customer database in order to retain the relationship of the customer and also gaining new potential customer. The customer database should serve as a repository of information shared by everyone in the organization. So no matter where the customer calls within the organization, everyone is fully informed and the customer does not need to repeat the issue (major dissatisfaction factor). Some of the examples are stated below: 1. Profile Customers

2. Retain Best Customer

Profile Customers
It mainly segment by demographic .This is partly because customer wants are closely...
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