“Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh- Challenges and Prospect”

Topics: Investment, Foreign direct investment, Macroeconomics Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: November 24, 2012
“Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh- Challenges and Prospect”

This is era of globalization, here all of the country are linked together. Thereby we get different opportunity to be benefited from beyond the country.DFI (direct Foreign investment) is one of them. It is a very important issue for toddy’s government, business people and concerned community of the world. Bangladesh is not far from it .Like any other developing country, the economic development of Bangladesh is also significantly depend on foreign direct investment. Bangladesh government and business community of Bangladesh is concerned enough to attract increasing number of DFI in Bangladesh. To draw the attention of foreign investor and make them interested to do invest in Bangladesh, government take lot of initiatives, like branding the Bangladesh, giving incentives on DFI, improving the infrastructure etc. However, this is fact too that, still we have some challenges and difficulties to get satisfactory amount of direct foreign investment. In this report, we are covering the most lucrative industry in Bangladesh. It is the garment industry of Bangladesh, which has been the key division and main sources of foreign currency of Bangladesh for a very long time.

Objective of the study:
Primary Objective
To know the DFI situation in Bangladesh and its future.
Secondary objective
To Know the Factors affecting DFI in Bangladesh
To evaluate the Garment industry in Bangladesh from the perspective of current DFI situation in Bangladesh, Government incentives, socio-political situation and other financial facilities, entry-exit barriers etc. •To know the challenges currently faced by the existing foreign investors in the industry. •In addition, to give our opinion about the feasibility of the industry to attract DFI in Bangladesh.


To make this term paper we mainly give emphasize on secondary sources of data. We go through different...
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