Direct Claim

Topics: Colorado, Ahn Byeong-ki, Denver International Airport Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Direct Claim: Rental Car Refund Complaint

I have a horror story of gargantuan proportions to relate to you so that you know how incompetent the amateurish bozos are that work for you! You should fire the whole Colorado Spring airport branch. I’m tired of lousy service and of being charged an arm and a leg for extras that end up not functioning properly. Calling your company is useless because no one answers the phone or returns callsm,k9 ! In view of the fact that my colleague and I were forced to wait for an hour for a car at Colorado Springs Airport on August 15, your local branch people gave us a free navigation device. That would have been really nice in the event that the thing had actually worked which it didn’t. We advised the counter person that the GPS was broken, but it took another half hour to receive a new one and to finally start our business trip. Imagine to our supervise when the ‘free’ GPS showed up on our bill apparently costing a whopping $180, plus tax! What came next would qualify as some dark Kafkaesque nightmare. I spent hours over the next three weeks talking to various employees of your questionable organization who swore that only’ the manager’ could help me, bit this mysterious person was never available to talk. At this point in time, I called your Denver Airport location again and refused to get off the phone until I spoke to ‘the manager’ and lo and behold. He promised to credit the cost of the GPS to our corporate account. Was my nightmare over No! When we checked he status of the refund on our credit card statement, we noticed that he had forgotten to add about $60 in taxes and surcharges that had also been assessed. So much for a full refund! Inasmuch as my company in a new customer and inasmuch as we had hope to use your agency for our future car rentals because of your competitive rates, I trust that you will give this matter your prompt attention. Your very upset customer,
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