Diploma Papaer on Translating Phraseologies

Topics: Translation, Source text, Meaning of life Pages: 30 (8306 words) Published: June 7, 2011
The peculiarities of translating phraseologies
Informative translation
Phraseology: Word-groups with Transferred meanings
Phraseological problems of translation
Methods of handling an idiom

Usually when people speak about translation or even write about it in special literature they seldom specific about the meaning. Translation means both a process and a result, and when defining translation we are interested in both aspects. But at the same time we need the result of translation since alongside with the source the translated text is one of the two sets of observed events we have at our disposal if we need to compare the original (source) text and the resulting (target) one. However, the formation of the source and target texts is governed by the rules characteristic of the source and target languages. Hence the system of the two languages is also included in our sphere of interest. These systems consist of grammar units and rules, morphological and word-building elements and rules, stylistic variations, and lexical distribution patterns (lexico-semantic paradigms). In translation we deal with two languages and to verify the information they give us about the extralinguistic objects (and concepts) we should consider extralinguistic situation, and background information. The structure of the translation should follow that of the original textthere should be no change in the sequence of narration or in the arrangement of the segments of the text. The aim is maximum parallelism of structure which would make it possible to relate each segment of the translation to the respective part of the original. It is presumed that any breach of parallelism is not arbitrary but dictated by the need for precision in conveying the meaning of the original. The translator is allowed to resort to a description or interpretation, only in case direct translations impossible. Having considered all this, we shall come to understand that as an object of linguistic study translation is a complex entity consisting of the following components: 1.Elements and structures of the source text;

2.Elements and structures of the target language;
3.Systems of the languages involved in translation;
4.Transformation rules to transform the elements and structures of the source text into those of the target text; 5.Conceptual content and organization of the source text;
6.Conceptual content and organization of the target text;
7.Interrelation of the conceptual contents of the source and target texts. The theme of my diploma paper is Translating of the phraseologies in newspaper materials. The aims of my diploma paper are:

1.To find definition of translation as an object of linguistic study in terms of process and outcome; 2.Stages of the phraseology translation;
3.The methods and ways if translating idioms;
4.To distinguish the rules of their translation and use it in practice. Idioms, words and word combinations are very different as to the problems they present for translation. Material newspaper-information genre forms the main contents newspaper text. The Translator public-political literature often happens to translate the article and marks of the information English nature and American newspapers, and he follows well to know the stylistic particularities such material. Coming there of purpose given term paper is concluded in determination of translation equivalence in text newspaper-information material for performing marked purposes are put following problems: 1. Consider the particularities newspaper- stiletto.

2. Analyse the particularities of the translation newspaper-information material. 4.-Translate newspaper English article and American newspaper 5. Analyse the translation.
In given course is used a method contextual analysis.
The Subject given studies are an article from newspaper Financial Times, The Globe, Sunday.

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