Diploma Level 3

Topics: Mother, Geriatrics Pages: 5 (1375 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Task B Your work role
Task D Presentation or report
Prepare a presentation or report on an issue or area of public concern related to the care profession.


On Monday 23rd April 2012 at 20.30pm on BBC1, panorama aired the above programme. What pepole watched caused shock throughout the country.

It showed secret filming within Ash Court a 62-bedroom private purpose built care home in Kentish Town owned by Forest Healthcare and managed by Nancy Rasool.

The Story:

In July 2010 Maria Worrell moved into Ash Court after her daughter Jane Worrell found she could no longer care for her at home. Maria Worrell 78 years old had been diagnosed with Alzheimers and had suffered several falls. She had become bed bound and ended up in hospital. Whilst there it was agreed she would need to go into nursing care. Jane Worrell looked at many homes for her mum, but decided on Ash Court as it had been given a 'excellent' rating by the CQC.

Maria had been at the home for around a year when her daughter Jane started to become concerned, Maria had become withdrawn, wasn't sleeping, talking much or feeding herself anymore. Jane also started to notice fingermarks appearing on her mothers upper arms and when carers entered her room she would become distressed and start shouting 'oh god'. Jane spoke to the care staff who told her to stop worrying, your mother is fine'. Jane had previously been told by the homes doctor that the bruising was due to the Asprin that her mother was taking and to let the care staff do there job.

Jane was unable to visit her mother so much for a period of 6 weeks after the birth of Janes baby. When she did visit her mother, she decided to start visiting at different times of the day, she often found her slumped in a chair like a ragdoll, she had stopped feeding herself and when the care staff did feed her they would shove food into her mouth not waiting for her to swallow, she was also being fed food that they had been told she didn't like and was unable to hold a simple conversation. Bruising was still appearing and Maria looked dirty and unkept. Jane lost her temper and spoke to the care staff and it was agreed that a notice would be put on Marias door showing the food she disliked as communication between staff seemed a problem. When confronted with the other issues care staff would look guilty and make excuses.

On one of Janes many visits, this time at bedtime, Jonathan Aquino who was thought of as very charming and friendly came in to Marias room, Jane asked him if he was going to get a female carer to see to her mother as Maria was to have female carers only, something told maria that Jonathan Aquino did not like being told what to to by her. By this point all Maria could say 'yes' or 'no'. Jane asked her mother if she was ok and Maria started to cry and said 'no'.

At this point Jane had enough and took drastic action, she decided she needed to see what was happening to her mother. Jane went home and purchased a alarm clock which had a hidden camera within it. The camera would only start operating when someone entered the room. Maria set the clock camera up but never expected as bad as what she found. i

It took 2 nights to find the awful truth of what was happening.

Over 2 nights is saw two lots of female carers hauling Maria out of her chair and manhandling her into bed, one of them picked up her legs and just dropped them onto the bed, all the time Maria was crying out in pain and wailing 'oh god'. As Maria had arthritis, this would have been so painful for her. The carers spoke over her taking no notice of Maria, one was even heard to say how much Marias breath smelt.

After viewing the first nights footage Jane just wanted to get her mother out of the home, but decided to get one more nights filming, yet worse to come....

The second nights filming showed Jonathan Aquino alone in Marias room, which he shouldn't have been as...
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