Diploma in Children’s and Young People’s Workforce Cypop 5 Understand How to Set Up a Work Based Child Care Servic

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CYPOP 5.1.The current Legislation for home based childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies Registration
By law all providers of home based childcare in England that care for children under the age of eight, must be registered with the regulatory body Ofsted. Ofsted keeps two childcare registers; the Early Years register (for children from birth to Preschool age five) and the Childcare register (for school ages five to eight years). To register a number of legal criteria must be in place;

Valid Paediatric First aid certificate
It is a legal requirement for registration that the child carer holds a current first aid certificate from an approved provider recognised by the Local Authority and focusing on paediatric care. Security Checks

Part of registration includes security checks on both the childcare provider and any other adults that live or work on the premises where the childcare will be carried out. Checks are carried out through a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) disclosure and the vetting and barring schemes of the Independant Safeguarding Authority (ISA). These check the history of the individuals and ensure there is no record of any issues that would prevent the safe working with children. Pre registration visit from Ofsted to inspect the premises

Ofted before giving registration will give each applicant a pre registration visit. The pre registration visit checks all policies and procedures set up by the childcare provider, and inspect the equipment and premises against the required minimum standards for childcare provision. It is registration requirement that a pre registration inspection has occurred before registration is completed. Appropriate Training

Registration conditions include that childcare providers must already have an appropriate childcare qualification, or at a minimum, complete a introductory childcare course which covers the required aspects of learning and development criteria set in the Early Years framework. This must be completed within six months of registration. Health Check

A requirement of registration is also that all childcare providers undergo a Health check carried out through a health declaration form and completed by a Doctor to ensure that the health of the childcare provider is also at the required standards for safe care of children. Insurance

A legal requirement for anyone providing homebased childcare is the holding of valid Public Liability insurance from an approved supplier that will ensure an individual has legal security against accidents and incidents that may occur in line with working with children. ICO

Legal requirement for all child care providers that are storing information for thier work in an electronic form (i.e. photos on a digital camera or personal information such as names and addresses on a computer) should register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in line with the data protection act. Ofsted

The registration conditions that are set out and enforced by Ofsted are to ensure all home base childcare meets the same required standards and meets the guidelines set out in the Childcare Act of 2006, Early Years Framework. Their aim is to promote high quality childcare provision. This includes an aim to protect children, while promote environments that ensure children are safe, well cared for, and actively learning and developing. Ofsted performs a number of checks on the childcare provider and the child care premises during the registration process to ensure registration conditions have been met. They then regulate childcare providers post registration, through regular inspection (3 years currently for home child care providers) and the use of Self Evaluation forms. Ofsted publishes theses inspection reports making them available for parents and guardians to see, and therefore allowing comparison and review of childcare provision. Local Authority

The route to registration involves initial contact with the Local Authority, to attend a...
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