Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Advertising agency Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Wei Liuyang

Advertising Effects

Advertisements have both positive and negative impact on consumers, especially children. Some advertisements should be banned of for good. What measures should we take in order to protect our younger generation from being exploited? In my opinion, The following measures will be able to negative advertisement to the child the influence to protect. Firstly, parents control is very important for protect children. The parents should set the good example to children. Parents should go to help children tell what is positive advertisements and what is negative advertisements. Parents should do the right explanation for children when children watch ads. Guide children to learn from the advertising to positive thing, and avoid any negative impact. Secondly, Advertising companies to be more responsible to release advertisements. Advertising planners in the production of advertising should be more seriously consider the influence on the society. They should think of their children may see these ads. Children education are more important than help a company earn money. They should try to avoid negative ads in the hand was born. This is not only the responsibility for anthers people. This is also the responsibility for their children. More important, The government should banned negative ads. The government must not let negative ads, such as about violence, pornography and so on ads appear in public television programs. In order to achieve this goal, The government must publish relevant policy to prohibit negative ads appear in public media. Regulating advertising industry in order to protect children from the influence of the negative ads. The government has a responsibility to do this. According to the above points, In order to protect our children from the influence of the negative ads, parents, advertising companies, the government must wort together. Make ads to the child the influence more...
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