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Utuwankande Sura Saradiel
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Utuwankande Sura Saradiel|
Born| Deekirikevage Saradiel
March 25, 1832
Kegalle District|
Died| May 7, 1864
Cause of death| Executed by the British at thegallows|
Nationality| Sri Lankan|
Ethnicity| Sinhalese|
Occupation| Hero|
Deekirikevage Saradiel alias Utuwankande Sura Saradiel (Sinhala:උතුවන්කන්දේ සුර සරදියෙල්) is a Ceylonese hero, gang leader and banditwho became a legendary figure in Sri Lanka known as the "Robin Hood of Sri Lanka". Some Sri Lankan scholars place him in the context of regional insurgencies of against British Colonial rule rather than a manifestation of local lawlessness or economic justice. Contents  [hide]  * 1 Early life * 2 Outlaw * 3 Final arrest and execution * 4 Legacy * 5 See also * 6 References * 7 References| -------------------------------------------------

[edit]Early life
Born March 25, 1832 to a tobacco merchant from Haldanduwana, Dankotuwa, who had moved to the Kegalle District close to Utuwankande, he was the eldest and was educated at the Illukgoda Temple school. Although he was an intelligent student, he was very rebellious and got into fights. His education stopped when he was arrested by the police and punished for assaulting a rich boy, who was a close relative of the village Vidane(the local policing authority). -------------------------------------------------


Gunpowder firearms used By Uthuwankande Sura Saradiel & his mate Mammale Marikkar

1-Firearm used by Mammale Marikkar
2-Firearm used by Uthuwankande Sura Saradiel
Saradiel briefly took to thievery, distributing his stolen items amongst the poor villagers. However he left the area to Colombo and worked as a barrack boy at the Rifle Barracks, learning much about weapons before leaving, taking several firearms with him. Thereafter he took to highway robbery, becoming a...
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