Dinos vs Aliens

Topics: Dinosaur, Planet, Sun Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: February 7, 2013
DINOS VS ALIENS Matt Smolinski

Everyone knows that at one point, dinosaurs existed. What we don’t know is how they existed. They walked the planet millions of years ago. Being the dominant race at the time, surviving on other small animals. But what we don’t know is how they really lived. They were far more than any of us really know. They left behind their existence for someone to find, but hid the clues that would lead someone to really discover the truth. Someone who deserved it, and would help the civilization that found out really realize what they were, and what truly happened to them. That person is me, and I am going to tell their story. The story of the true dinosaur race. One million BC was the date. And Dinosaurs ruled Earth. They walked over every continent, using their fierce looks and strength to keep their power. What we don’t know, is how they used their intelligence. They were the smartest race, that mother Earth had ever seen. They were also far more technologically advanced. So far so, that we today don’t even realize what they had accomplished. But others did, others from different planets. The technology they reached, set off signals to far more advanced civilizations throughout the galaxy. The closest and most powerful of those races was a civilization known as the Polo Martians. The Polos were a humanoid race, that had been building there Army and technology for billions of years. Realizing that a threat may be present on Earth because of the Dinosaurs technology they had formed, the Polos knew something had to be done. So, one hot day on Mars, the Polos rounded up their top spies and sent four ships on a reconnaissance mission to Earth. They reached our planet in only three days. The Dinosaurs technology was an odd one. It combined the electromagnetic fields from their brains to all the fields of everything around. This being so, the Dinosaurs realized that someone from a different planet was coming. So they prepared, they...
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