Dinner Party

Topics: Protagonist, Restaurant, Character Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: June 4, 2012
The writer of 'The Luncheon' William Somerset Maugham, in this short story, relates about a lady who is an admirer of his stories. She wins the author's favour and expresses her wish to meet him at a high class restaurant. William exposes the false motives of modest eating habits, of the middle classes with a touch of humour. 'The Luncheon' is a plotted story. It comprises all the four elements of plot: the exposition, development, climax and resolution. The title is significant for the story as it names the main event which is elaborated (rutulioti, plėtoti) through out the story. The exposition presents the setting. The action takes place in Paris 20 years ago. The story happened in Paris, at restaurant, on Thursday, at 12.30. The story is told in a flashback. The protagonist is introduced by himself. He is a young poor writer who lives in Paris in Latin Quarter and that fact shows he is poor. The protagonists feels flattered and excited that he has been asked by an older woman to take her out to lunch in one of the fanciest and most expensive restaurants in Paris although his financial situation worries him. The antagonist is a lady who does not live in Paris. She is not young and attractive, but she is very talkative and she asks the author to have a chat with her during the lunch time in a very expensive restaurant. William agrees and all his problems starts from that moment. His acquaintance possesses a manipulating and insincere personality, while the protagonist is good, kind, and pleasing. She gets what she wants while the protagonist must pay the price for taking such a person out to lunch because he is a good and naive person. Her phrasis „I never eat more than one thing for luncheon" possesses several qualities evident (aiškus) of her character. It reveals her self-centeredness because all she cares about is getting the food she wants. The secondary character is a waiter who helps to develop the actions of the story. The atmosphere is exciting and...
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