Dinner at a Homesick Restaurant Analysis

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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The Tull family is dysfunctional at best. The relationships between mother and son, brother and sister, and mother and daughter change in many ways. With age comes new life experiences that can mold a person. Some grow up and never learn. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant does a good job of showing personalities change as its characters get older

Cody and Pearl have a turbulent relationship. As a child, he is always the trouble maker. He is always overshadowed by his “perfect” brother Ezra and acts out accordingly. In his teenage years, being the oldest, he becomes his mother’s rock. As he descends into adulthood he grows very distant and resents her for his childhood. He calls her difficult. He lets on that she’ll never be forgiven.

Ezra has always been Pearl’s baby boy. As a kid he is quiet and reserved. He treated her with respect, for the most part. He loves her. Into old age he accepts that she, like all people, has trouble letting things go. He is constantly the only one there for her. He is the favorite child. Cody grows to resent him because of this.

Being the youngest and the only girl, Jenny often is held to a higher standard than the boys. Pearl often calls her tramp or assaults her physically for minor offences. Rather than wholly resenting her, Jenny becomes distant and wants little to do with her family. She doesn’t stick around like Ezra and she doesn’t get angry like Cody. Being overshadowed by these two brothers, she nearly disappears.

When Ezra begins work at Scarlatti’s, Mrs. Scarlatti becomes his “mother.” They grow very fond of each other and she takes over the role as a mother figure of sorts for him. When she descends into older age, however, the roles reverse. He is the one taking care of her. He accompanies her through her stay in the hospital. After her death, the restaurant is his. He changes the name

The Tull family’s relationships are far from normal. Due to uncommon events and personality...
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