Dining in vs. Dinging Out

Topics: Food, Cooking, Nutrition Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Informative Speech
Dining Out VS. Dining In

I. Attention getter/relevance: The Price of food has TRIPLED, Which results in the price of fast food has double just form the past two years.

II. Establish Credibility: I have gained knowledge and tips on how to save money by cooking your meals at home by doing so you can save over a 1000$ a month.

III. Thesis Statement: By the end of my presentation, you will have the knowledge to cut the cost of food and you will think twice before you visit your local fast food restraint.

IV. Preview: The focus of my speech is to give you pointers on how to cut the cost of food, and getting a home cook meal in a convenient amount of time.


I: First (signpost), why is preparing food at home less expensive then dining out. The cost of fast food has double in the past two years.
A today's economy has changed, meaning that all living expenses like rent food and gas prices has gone up as well.
b. Studies has shown that dining out three times a week for a family of four can cost up to 400$.
c. Money can be saved by cutting back on dining out and fast food by simply cooking from home.

I. 2. Second (signpost) the main reasons why people dining out because of their busy life styles. a. There are many adults that work over 40 hours a week, or has resign back in school or some are doing both all while supporting there families. b. Most people way of thinking is it’s much easier to buy per pared food rather than slave over a hot stove daily. c. Little do they know it’s a lot of things you can cook from home with in convenient amount of time.

Transition: Let’s review home cooked meals are cheaper than dining out every night. When you prepare your food from home, your relocked to save over a 1000$ monthly. There are meals that you can prepare at home in a convenient amount of time.

II. Continue following format for remainder of main points…


I. Signal/summarize...
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