Dining Etiquette in Mexico

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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When working in other countries it is very important to pay close attention to business appearance that is appropriate in that country. Different cultures have different views on appearance and people are judged by how they present themselves. When working for a large business company in Mexico, men should wear conservative dark suits (Nicole, 2012). Some days a white shirt is worn when an occasion is more formal than a regular, everyday meeting. On other days, men may have an opportunity to wear a guayabera. Guayaberas are traditional lightweight shirts that men wear on casual days (Nicole, 2012). These types of shirts are usually worn during nice warm days and have to be worn out and over dress pants. Women usually wear conservative dresses, skirts or blouses. A classic suit may also be worn by business women in Mexico. Women may also wear a blouse with pants or a skirt for a casual day at work. Wearing classic colors such as gray, blue, camel, white, or black creates a professional and polished look for business workers in Mexico. When wearing different outfits, business workers in Mexico have to watch out for their postures because different postures mean different things. For example, standing with hands on the hips suggests that a person is antsy and aggressive behavior may happen. Keeping hands in the pockets is also impolite in Mexico and should be avoided (Nicole, 2012).


When working for a large business, business dinners and lunches are a part of working for a company and many times co-workers spend time together during lunch and dinner hours. When going out with co-workers it is very imperative to know the dining etiquette that is appropriate in that country. In Mexico, certain dining etiquette is followed. The Mexican dining etiquette is very similar to the dining etiquette in the Untitled States but there also some key differences that separate the two. Most co-workers usually arrive at their lunch or dinner date...
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