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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Phillip’s Change
In The Cay Phillip undergoes a change while trapped on an island called a cay, a cay is an island surrounded by coral reefs. It all starts when Phillip and his mom get separated when a torpedo hits there ship. Phillip is raciest and he has to overcome his racism to survive on the cay.

At the beginning Phillip and his mom get separated and he gets stuck on a raft with Timothy, an old black man. Phillip treats Timothy like an animal and is extremely rude to him he calls him ugly, stupid, and stubborn. When Phillip and Timothy land on the cay Timothy builds a shelter to sleep under. The next day Timothy asks Phillip to weave a mat together and Phillip refuses to work because of his blindness and calls Timothy an “ugly old man” then Timothy slaps him. After that Phillip starts to earn respect for Timothy.

Phillip realizes that he needs timothy to survive on the cay and starts to work instead of being a stubborn worthless brat. After a while timothy starts to make Phillip more independent and Phillip realizes that Timothy is preparing him just in case Timothy dies. During their time on the cay timothy notices that the sky is weirder than normal he realizes that a hurricane is coming he ties himself and Phillip to a tree and shields Phillip from the debris of the hurricane. After the hurricane Timothy dies because of the debris and saved Phillips life.

As you can see Phillip changed from the beginning of the story. He changed from a bratty stubborn little boy to a mature loving and caring little boy. Phillip is racist and he has to overcome his racism to survive on the cay.
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