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Topics: Caribbean, International Criminal Court, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Describe 2 main functions of the WTO and give an example of them pursuing one of these objectives. WTO provides a forum for negotiation and the exchange of information. WTO offers a despite settlement mechanism which aims to resolve trade disputes between states. NZ complained to the WTO over restrictions placed by Australia on the importation of NW Zealand apples. Australia cited concerns that the apples would infect domestic produce with fungus. Despite appealing against the decision, Australia lost the case.

UN challenging state sovereignty.
The UN's main objective is to keep peace throughout the world. Whilst general Gadhafi oppressed Libya, the UN sought to intervene. The UN used coercive power such as military power such as military power to bring Gadhafi to his demise. The UN also established a no-fly zone. Ultimately, the UN challenged the state of Libya on several occasions exploring the many aspects in which the UN may challenge the sovereignty of states. The Un has also placed economic sanctions on the Libyan government, challenging economic sovereignty. The inclusion of the no-fly zone (excluding any ground occupation of Libya) is a significant representation of how the UN may challenge the sovereignty of states.

Explain to the extent how the ICC has achieved one of its aims: One of the ICC's aims is to prosecute criminals of war, committing crimes against humanity. On the 14th of March 2012 Thomas Lubanga was found guilt of war crimes from 2002-2003. Even though the conviction may have taken 9 years and even though Priest Kpagi stated that the people of Bunia have started to move on, Lubanga was successfully found guilty for abducting children and forcing them to serve as soldiers.

Criticisms of the ICC:
The ICC's credibility is questionable especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The ICC was very slow in using the verdict (9 years after Lubanga's crimes were committed.) The town has moved on since. Also as this case was...
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