Dimmesdale, the Greatest Sinner

Topics: Sin, Salvation, Repentance Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: March 10, 2013
It’s all Dimmesdale’s fault In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, many of the characters are looked upon as sinners. Sinners are people who go against the bible, God’s word. In actuality every character is a sinner someway and somehow. After reading the book, there is one character that sticks out to be the biggest sinner of all. That is Dimmesdale. Although all characters are sinners, Dimmesdale committed the greater sin for impregnating Hester Pryne. Dimmesdale is the pope of the town. He gives sermons in the church, he preaches, he leads people to follow the word of God. One of the major sins in the book of the bible is adultery. Adultery also includes another person who is committed in marriage, Mrs. Pryne. Even though Hester’s spouse leaves, she is technically still married. Hester’s spouse left her abandoned in search for something new. She committed adultery herself which is what she gets punished for. The fact that Dimmesdale thought of being with Hester is already sinning. Dimmesdale is supposed to be a leader of the church. Being a leader, you follow the word of God, and believe in what you preach. For Dimmesdale to know that Adultery is in the book of the bible as a sin, he still commits it. The author goes to explain how Dimmesdale sins against his own religion, “And be the stern and sad truth spoken, that the breach which guilt has once made into the human soul is never, in this mortal state, repaired.” (Hawthorne). Dimmesdale knew what he was getting involved and exactly how he was committing a sin. He is more than guilty for committing adultery which is the sad truth. Being a part of the church and a leader of the church, you are held to high standards and you should be able to reach those standards. I believe Dimmesdale is the greater sinner because he knew what he was doing, he is a wise guy, but yet he still continued to pursue Hester Pryne without hesitation. Not only did they commit adultery, but shortly after there is an announcement that Hester...
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