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Well the strategic change initiative or what it is commonly referred to as the agenda for change at Victoria hospital would be the redesign. The CEO of the hospital has created a redesign vision for the hospital. This redesign vision will allow the hospital to upgrade and be more competitive in the health care industry. There are four dimensions of change, strategy, resources, systems, and culture. Each dimension is very important in the strategic change initiative.

For the strategy we are going to need to find out what needs to be changed within Victoria Hospital. First of all, the hospital has saved a great deal of money to redesign its self. So the CEO will need to develop a plan and a vision that will be supported by the board of directors to make this change. This is very important that will be some type of study done that will find out what needs to be changed for the hospital to due this.

The second dimension is resources. The hospital will have to find out what resources are required to support its strategy. The strategy is the redesign of the entire hospital. Resources are classified as financial resources, physical resources, information resources, and human resources.

Thirdly is the systems dimension which provide information to Victoria hospital. Systems are processes that employees use to change resources into products or services. Funds can be a type of system employee will take those fund set aside for the design and convert them into products or services. An example of this would be servicing more patients after the redesign was finished with the funds that were saved. Victoria hospital will have to create systems and processes that will fall along the lines of the redesign.
Finally, the last dimension is culture. Culture is the set of standards set by the employees. The board of directors of the hospital are stuck in a different culture than the CEO of the hospital which is pushing for...
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