Dim Sum

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Many people have eaten dim sum without actually knowing what it is. For one thing I know is that I never knew what it was when I was younger. I just thought it was just Chinese food, never thinking that it had a background of its own. Who knew it would have such an interesting background, or meaning? Dim sum is more than just Chinese food; it has its own story and customs. Before I started researching dim sum I already knew a few things about it. I knew that it was derived from tea drinking. I knew that it was mainly Cantonese in origin. I also knew that dim sum is supposed to be enjoyed with family and friends. I wished to have more knowledge about dim sum. I wanted to know more about its origins. I wondered how old dim sum was, if it had changed over the years. I also wondered about its traditions and how the style has lasted so many years. I decided to look on the internet for information. I also decided to look at some Chinese cook books at the local library. With that thought, I thought that I might even be able to find a whole book about dim sum at the library, if luck decided to be on my side. I knew that if I looked I would hopefully the right kind of information I wanted. I searched many pages on the internet about dim sum. I found the information I was looking for. But a lot of the sources were not valid in a way that I could use the pages that I had found. The pages I did find that were valid weren’t really useful. Many of the pages I found had a few sentences here and there. In the end I found two valid pages on the internet that had enough information. When I went to the library I wasn’t able to find really any books that had a good amount of information I was able to find a couple cook books that could help me with my research. In the end after many hours I found out many things about dim sum that I never knew. Dim sum is thought to have been derived form tea drinking from roadside tea houses here many would stop. In “Dim Sum”, an online article,...
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