Dilmah Marketing Plan

Topics: Tea, Pricing, Marketing Pages: 17 (5127 words) Published: May 16, 2013
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1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Contents Page
1. Introduction
2. Objectives
3. Segmentation, Target Market Selection and Positioning Statement 4. Product Strategy
5. Pricing Strategy
6. Place Strategy
7. Promotion Strategy
8. Action Plan
9. Control Plan
10. Conclusion

This report will provide an overview of the hot beverage industry, particularly black tea, with focus on a main brand in Australia, Dilmah. Dilmah holds approximately 10% of the current market share in Australia, due to other brands joining the market, and pre-existing ones being strongly marketed. Consequently, there is a need for action to be taken to reposition the brand, which will be discussed in this report. Dilmah will aim to increase its market share by 1.5%, starting November 1 2013, to November 1 2014 ..............

Include Introduction from Part A. Then add summary of the SWOT Analysis of key brand strengths and weaknesses with key opportunities and threats. Conclude with implications for the marketing plan going forward

4.0Macro-Environment Factors
4.1. Political and Legal Factors
* The carbon tax, which was implemented in 2012, could result in consumers absorbing some cost increases in the price of their goods; as a result their disposable income will be decreased. * The labor government has maintained strong relations with other countries, such as through the formation of the Australian China Business council, which promotes business trade between Australia and China, who is Australia’s largest trading partner. Australia’s good relations with china are particularly valuable due to china’s swift economic growth, which will help Australia prosper as well. 4.2. Economic Factors:

* Although tea is a luxury item, it is inexpensive, and the market that buys it (middle class-upper class), will be able to purchase it regardless of economic conditions, making Tea sales resistant to recessions or peaks in the economy. * The carbon tax is expected to impact the manufacturing sector harshly. Australian companies may lose competitive edge over other international companies, who are currently exempted from the tax. This issue may severely weaken the Australian economy’s growth, as manufacturing sector will have problems competing. * According to research by (Market Line, 2012 ‘Australia, in-depth pestle insights’) the approximate inflation rate in 2013 is 3%. The control of inflation is very important to maintaining stable, growing economy, which is achieved at a moderate increasing pace. ‘. A rise of 35% in resource spending was recorded in March 2012. Due to demand from Asia, the investment pipeline in the resource industry reached an estimated A$500bn ($507.50bn) in March 2012. This growth in resource investment is expected to increase inflation, which is a major risk in the near term. * Another issue for the Australian economy is the threat to Australia’s exports due, to China’s surplus of property. Australia is a big exporter of iron ore, which is needed for China’s construction sector, but the threat of Asia’s property bubble, could lead to less demand for Australian exports. As a result, it may lead to unemployment, and wage reductions due to the large impact on the mining sector, which will lead to a weakening of the Australian economy. * Growth rate, has grown from, 2.5% in 2010 to 3% in 2013, indicating the current economy is strong. * 4.3. Socio-Cultural and Demographic Factors

One of Australia’s future prospects is through welfare to work reform package, which will involve, ‘engaging long term unemployed and disability pensioners in literacy programs, training, and support in order to improve workforce participation. With these new...
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