Dilemma Analysis

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  • Published : February 4, 2011
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Hult MBA
Ethics and Sustainability
Individual Assignment Instruction on Dilemma analysis
prof. Ronald Jeurissen

For this individual assignment we ask you to desscribe and analyse an ethical in a business context. It can either be a dilemma that you have encountered yourself, or a dilemma taken from an interview with a practitioner about the way he/she deals with dilemma’s in his or her work experience. Interviews can be done face to face or through a communications device. Based on the interview, write a report addressing the following questions (maximum of 1500 words):

1. In case of a personal dilemma from your own experience:
a) Briefly describe the dilemma in about 200 words. b) Analyse the dilemma based on the 6-steps approach (below) and formulate your conclusion with respect to this dilemma.

2. In case you interview someone about a dilemma:
a) Who did you interview (name and function)?
b) Why did you choose this person for the interview? c) What kind of dilemma’s does this person encounter most often? How are these dilemmas related to the responsibilities of this person? d) What was the most difficult dilemma that this person came across and how did he or she deal with it? e) Analyse the most difficult dilemma based on the 6-steps approach (below) and formulate your own conclusion with respect to this dilemma.

The assignment is due January 31, 2011, 12 a.m.

Intervision model in six steps

1.What is the core problem of the dilemma?
Formulate the core problem as follows: should I do/refrain from doing XYZ?
Test: Accuracy of the definition of the core problem.

2.Who are stakeholders in the dilemma?
Which people or parties involved should I take into account in my decision? Whose rights, interests or well-being counts in my decision? List the interests or values they represent!
Test: Completeness of the inventory and accuracy of...
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