Dil Tuh Bacca Hai Ji

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versation require for operation.
Quality assurance and control:
Quality assurance and control is effective elements of operation management as quality consider as important ingredients for production system. Total quality assurance and control ensure service standards, inspection, control of quality , performance testing etc. Production planning and control:

The planning of production is the system that specify the procedure of production to obtain the output desire within a given time at optimum cost in conformance with specified quality standard and control is important to make sure that manufacturer takes place in the manner in a plan. Apart from that some other important elements of operations management is facilities location, plants layout and handling, inventory control, work study and job design that plays effective role within OM.

Importance of operational management elements in Microsoft corporations product and service;

Within Microsoft corporation elements of operation management plays important role as through OM Microsoft corporation can explores production and distribution of services and goods. Side by side the importance of OM elements in Microsoft corporation is that; it can ensure significant competition, shorter service and products life cycle, better and quality conscious consumers as well as capability of technology to improve productivity along with high quality service and products. According to Rama (2010) "operation management is important to an organization;s manager for at least two reasons. First, it can improve productivity, which improves an organizations financial health. Second, it can help organizations meet customers competitive priorities". so, as a corporation Microsoft should ensure effective use of operational management's element in order to improve their service by customers priorities and products by improving productivity.

1.2: The extant that corporation can enhance its...
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