Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera

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Digital Camera Market in India 2012
Description: Digital camera market in India can be characterized with strong growth potential in the ensuing years. Currently, the market is mainly dominated by a handful of players and a cut-throat competition exists amongst these players. The market was valued at INR 17.5 bn during the fiscal year 2010 and is expected to attain a CAGR of 43% to reach INR 104.6 bn by 2015. Rising disposable income and increased consumerism primary boosts the market in India. The report begins with a market overview, which provides an insight to the overall digital camera market. It describes the primary reasons which are propelling the market forward. The section also talks about the prevailing competition amongst major players and the market size and growth figures in India in terms of revenue as well as total camera units. This section also features Porter’s five forces analysis of the digital camera market in India, thereby offering a clear picture of the market scenario and market entry barriers for prospective new entrants. This section is followed by the technology section which enlightens the readers about the image sensors used in digital cameras for producing images. The sensors discussed in the report comprise of CMOS and CCD sensors. The section enlists the working procedures and advantages of these sensors, thereby providing detailed information about the Pros and Cons of each individual sensor. Distribution model section of the report briefly summarizes the various channels of product distribution, adopted by major players in the market to sell their products. It brings forth the present marketing strategies put in place by the players so as to increase their market reach and penetration. Pricing strategy analysis of top three vendors in the market have been derived after an in-depth analysis of the players concerned. The list generated after the research offers valuable insight about the various lucrative segments in the market. This section also features a separate analysis column which helps in clearly distinguishing the prime product segments on which these vendors primarily emphasize on. An analysis of the drivers and challenges explains the factors leading to the growth of the market including increased disposable income, declining prices, rise in e-commerce, increased travel plans and growing inclination for digital cameras. Strong opportunity exists in the market as increasing disposable income and higher consumption pattern drive the demand for digital cameras. This coupled with the fact that the increasing travel plans and constant decline of prices will lead to a developing market. Additionally, growing tendency to own a digital camera and to be able to share images online will fuel growth in this market. The key challenges identified are presence of grey market and emergence of Smart devices with camera features. Basically, grey markets sell products prior to their official launch at comparatively lower prices and hence consumers are attracted by the fact of getting the latest product first hand, which in turn reduces the revenue generated by the overall market. The unprecedented growth in adoption of smart devices capable of capturing high quality images is also a factor hindering the full fledged growth in the market. A majority of the population still prefer devices such as Smartphones as a substitute of digital cameras. The prime reason for this tendency happens to be the common notion to own a multifunction product. Trends identified in the market comprise of introduction of mirrorless cameras, maintaining an India specific product portfolio, providing attractive features and specific focus on a particular range of products. Some of the key players in the market have introduced the mirrorless cameras in their product portfolio. This segment has attracted a lot of attention as these...
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