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HP Digital Signage for Enterprise
HP OpencastTM Digital Signage for Enterprise specialises in simplifying the distribution of information, content and media. We offer full turn-key enterprise solutions to suit all needs ensuring that your employees & customers stay informed. Why Enterprise is using Digital Signage By shifting marketing, safety and communication budgets to this new electronic medium, digital signage can help your enterprise create awareness, understanding, acceptance and motivation to respond positively to change. It can ensure that staff are equipped with the knowledge and motivation to perform their roles effectively. Such networks installed in headquarters and across branches allow the immediate cascading of important business information and help to bring the workforce of a multinational together. Using live web video feeds enables that all important keynote speech from your CEO to be streamed into hundreds or even thousands of offices. You can also generate content to send out a congratulatory message to an employee of the month. Figure 1. The HP LD4210 106,7 cm (42") diagonal digital signage display is thinner, smarter, and more powerful, giving businesses a full-featured, contemporary, and engaging digital signage solution that is built to operate 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, with first impressions ever important, an impressive digital reception experience will leave a lasting mark on visitors. Here, it is possible to display a rolling program of corporate videos, press cuttings (RSS feeds) and company achievements upon their entrance to your office space. Opencast Digital Signage for Enterprise makes it easy to communicate with your customers and staff, making effective use of existing LAN & WAN infrastructure, HP delivers a simple “Plug ‘n Play” solution for corporate clients: Our full offering is based around 3 hardware components: • HP Opencast Server Based on HP’s ProLiant range of servers, this unit has been customised with...
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