Digital Right Management

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Computer Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Research Paper
Your research paper will be 5-7 pages, double-spaced. Appendices and bibliographic material will not count toward the total number of pages or word count. Extensive research on a particular topic is expected, and accurate documentation of all sources is critical. The paper may not be a simple overview but rather must examine closely a particular topic of interest related to ethics and information systems. The paper is submitted as a MS Word or Rich Text Format (.rtf) electronic file through your Web Tycho class. APA format and style should be followed. Possible Topics for Research Papers

• e-mail and ethics from various points of view (employer, employee, government) • monitoring e-mail and employee computer usage for business protection • federal rights to monitor information technology usage by citizens (and noncitizens) • management efficiency, employee point of view, expectations of privacy • design and/or develop a company ethical code or policy (this topic should be done for a real-life employment situation and contain primary research) • ethical issues in artificial intelligence/machine learning • constitutional issues in information technology?privacy and property protections • computer crimes, hackers, crackers, and ethics?how is computing and information-technology crime different or not different from "normal" crime? • software piracy, software decompilation, and copyright protection • resale of software developed under contract of an employee • "vaporware" premature promotion of products

• Who is responsible for software that is not fully tested and that causes problems when used, either to the computer, other software, or to the subject of the program (e.g., computer programs used in surgery). Is this an ethical issue, or should it be the basis of a crime? • Internet access and right to free speech

• gambling in cyberspace
• pornography in cyberspace (for example, the...
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