Digital Nation: the Advantages/Disadvantages of Technology

Topics: Internet, Want, Human Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: November 13, 2011
In today’s day and age, my generation is conveniently dubbed “a digital nation” due to the constant development of new technology from cell phones, computers, social networking sites, etc. My peers and I are named “digital natives”, as we have a steadfast need to maintain connected at all times with the use of these mechanisms. Around the world this is being discusses as some people feel that technology has began to have a negative effect on society, and on the other side of the table, others feel that technology has only enriched our lives. A documentary published by PBS entitled “Digital Nation: Life on the digital frontier,” explores various aspects of life and the different ways our dependence on technology affects it.

While watching the documentary the first thing to catch my attention was the way technology affects learning. The onscreen example, MIT, a college institution that houses what many believe to be some of the brightest students in the world, showed how technology has begun to affect the learning processes of students. This is believed to be because students oftentimes find themselves multitasking, and in a classroom setting where devices such as laptops are allowed and other times required, it is hard for students to focus on what their supposed to. A study performed by a professor at the University of Stanford proved this theory to be true and showed students themselves how their multitasking is actually shrinking their capacity to think.

On the other side, technology being embraced in the learning process has been shown to work. In the South Bronx of New York, a school principal of a failing middle school has assimilated his students into using laptop computers in every aspect of their education. What was once a failing institution is now a prospering establishment where kids seem to enjoy accumulating knowledge. The next section of the documentary focuses on South Korea and how most believe that their youth’s love of online gaming has...
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