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In this world of new technology, digital menu board has become a clever concept for the hospitality industry. The digital menu board has been widely used in the fast-food restaurants, kiosks, movie theatres, cafes, etc. As mention in the article, cafes in movie theatres have emerge faster in this technology by replacing traditional static menu board.

Nowadays, customer can makes purchase decision in a minute by looking at the attractive menu that being placed at the service counter. Besides that, the digital menu can be more interactive by showing the menu of the day or the promotion of the month. This technology surely can attract more customers to come by especially children and youngsters. With the buying power, they can influence other to come and experience the fastest service. Customers are informed of current trends in music and cinema as well as the latest hot tips for DVDs and video games. In addition, brand loyalty is reinforced by the familiar commercials.

Two examples are the advertising campaign with football star Oliver Kahn and the charity initiative for RED NOSE DAY. In conjunction with the Burger King customer magazine "Immigrating", the result is a unique campaign for successful branding. Burger King is completely committed to this new solution, as shown by the length of the project, which is scheduled to last three years. Burger King will equip each new restaurant with the new technology from the outset.

Comparing to the traditional menu board, digital menu board include some video content, and for instant, some video clip about their new product can be shown. At the same time, they can lower their cost by doing the campaign or promotion at the television or other distribution channel. Therefore, most of the movie theatre and fast food restaurant began to change their menu board to the digital interactive in order to help increase the value of sales, lower...
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