Digital Media Convergence and Music Video Online

Topics: YouTube, Music video, Advertising Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Media convergence has seen existing media platforms revolutionise into new fields, where new technologies change the way society interact and access various media content. Dwyer (2010: 2) describes an understanding of media convergence as being a “process whereby new technologies are accommodated by existing media and communication industries and cultures.” This concept of existing media transforming into new technological formation is shown through the shift of music videos to an online arena. With this shift, brings a change in the way such music videos are produced and accessed, which is explored further in this essay. With the increased expansion of the internet, a new form of media at the time, saw the accessibility grow with greater content, and became individually sort after. Baldwin, McVoy and Steinfield (1996: 176) noted this development of the World Wide Web, describing this media revolution would provoke both a user and also on an economic level. Websites born through the development of the web, for example YouTube, revolutionised how music videos were accessed that markedly broadened this new online audience. The online media platform saw the convergence of music videos programs like MTV expand into new technological areas appealing to a changing audience. This change known as a “convergence culture, where old and new media collide” (Jenkins 2006: 2) has allowed greater access for the individual to interact and communicate to an extended audience. Online media creates the possibility to engage with the content by commenting and linking to others through this social media. Barkat, Hart and Salazar (2009: 364) explain the possibilities that Web 2.0 has enabled, that it is an “environment open to creative opportunities for the users and aligns them not only with other users, but with other producers of screen media”. The potential of reaching out to multiple other users is more possible than ever before, this being exemplified by music videos that have...
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