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1 INTRODUCTION s’ article “2012 Social Marketing. & New Media Predictions. Insights and prognosis from. 34 business and marketing leaders” proposes a quotation of Tara Scarlet, Senior Manager (CRM & Precision Marketing, Coca-Cola) ‘’Mobile brings us to another level of being able to have a dialog with a consumer and get the right message to the right person, at the right time , to the best format ‘’ When first Kotler introduced the theory of Marketing, he couldn’t imagine the degree that technology and cyberspace would change the activity and process of what he defines as ‘value for customers, strong relationships and value from customers’’. Modern Marketing, shaped in an environment of unprecedented technological changes, will not slow down but will continuously accelerating as it faces the challenge of a global competition, as far as marketing efficiencies refers (Pretorious , 2000). According to Marez et al., new technology has made everyone reachable (2007). The evolution of Internet conducted to a new age in terms of communication, providing Marketers a great opportunity of getting the attention and time of customers by making use of the New electronic devices, such as tablets, computers, smartphones. Digital Marketing has been characterized as the promotional media of the 21st century, changing totally the Marketing philosophy and process by connecting people all over the world. At the same time the almost 100% adoption of mobile phone by the Western countries as well as the Asian ones (Economist , 2005) allowed the Marketers to customize Marketing activities to customers’ wants and needs and mainly use the one-to-one marketing communications (Carter , 2008 p. 63). Statistics published by Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) show that at the end of 2011 the mobile subscribers exceeded the 4 billion and as a result at the end of same year the budget for mobile advertising reached the 11 billion, whereas at the end of 2007 this amount was 1 billion . The business community demonstrated innovative examples of marketing activities, such as the BBC (where the sports fans may give their opinions through a video message from their mobile), The Pizza Hut (where clients can order the desirable pizza while are on the go through their iPhone), the most of the Book Publishers (where customers can download books or chapters to their mobile). The extended research that has been taken place on this field mostly covered success stories and a general acceptance. However, further research is needed upon issues and questions that seem to be works still in progress : Do Marketing Managers have the competency and knowledge to develop and implement the new way communication strategies? What is the reason that Marketers are still struggling to deal with issues such as resources and budget allocation ? What is the best way of the message communication through mobile so as customers not to get annoyed or complicated? What is the customers’ behavior ? This work reviews and discusses the relevant literature, draws conclusions and makes comments for future research. 2 Literature Review

2.1 Defining ‘digital marketing’
Somebody say that googling this phrase a number of about 5.000 results will be produced, confirming not only the multitude but the confusion as well around this definition. According to Urban digital marketing makes use of all Internet techniques to improve the function of traditional marketing (2004 , 2). Actually this is a general explanation and does not include terms such as ‘’one-to-one marketing’’, ‘’ e-marketing ‘’ or the ‘’interactive marketing’’ which seem to be very close and connected with digital marketing. Others define digital marketing as the activity of the faster and broader communication acknowledging the iterative approach that actually...
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