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Easy to publish web pages:

We live in a world of increasing distraction. We are constantly connected to devices, bombarded with

advertising, and generally overwhelmed with life. Consumers demand quick and easy. Thus, consumers are

getting things they want done quicker and easier. Time is truly of the essence and every second counts on the

internet. If consumers have a bad experience on a particular site they will continue searching for something

quicker and easier.

For example, I use USAA bank because they have always made the user web experience their number one

priority. I find that I can send money, receive money, and view all my cards in one place, build budgets, and

generally be the master of my finances from one easy to use single sign on location. Most consumers are the

same way and its only getting worse.

The internet has made options abundant and with a good marketing campaign anyone can drive traffic to a

site. Keeping them there and coming back is another story. Facebook is able to provide a rich multi-media

experience with little effort on the user’s part. They recently started automatically uploading pictures from

devices just to make picture uploading that much easier. If Facebook’s UI wasn’t easy for the user to use and

interact with they would seek something better. This is why we see Facebook constantly making changes,

which at times confuses users, but is always pushing user experience to a less complex and more user friendly

state. Without easy to publish web pages, social media sites wouldn’t exist the way they do now.

User generated content:

Relevancy. Relevancy. Relevancy. Facebook is all about relevancy. It’s what drives people to the site.

They want to see content about people who are relevant to other them. Pictures, posts, videos, and personal

information provide a stream ever changing content. This user generated content is relevant because the user

chose it to be. First, the user must friend a person, then they are able to modify who’s information they see, and

finally even the frequency they see it. This at the core is what keeps people coming back to Facebook, and what

drives the average user time to over 10 minutes per person. That’s an eternity in internet speak. Without user

generated content social media sites lose the relevancy that makes them what they are today.

Social Graph:

The social graph drives relevancy by it identifying connections between friends. These connections can be

direct or even mutual, with the social graph behind the scenes driving the relevant matches. The social graph

maps the connections between people and then determines who might be connected to another person outside

of FB, but not on FB. When these connections occur social media sites are enhancing the chance that the users

will see appealing user generated content that is relevant to them.

Discovering Google Adwords blew my mind. We literally now have the power test companies potential success

without even starting the company! I can run Google traffic estimator on a given keyword search to determine

my estimated number of site visits. I can then research a given conversion rate in my industry. Apply that

number to my estimated number of hits for my theoretical budget and then multiply by the industry conversion

rate and BOOM, I have my projected revenue. This obviously only works for certain types of companies, and

might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I use the example to highlight the power of digital advertising.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s about relevancy, but more so it’s about targeting based on relevant information.

They both go hand in hand. How so? Well if I put on my Facebook profile that I like Jiu-Jitsu, I’ll see ads for

Jiu-Jitsu tournaments coming up in my area and that is relevant to me. Heck, if I’m in the mood I might even

click on it, and here I never thought I’d ever...
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