Digital Market &Traditional Markt

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Traditional Market
The definition of the Traditional market is the directly meet customers. It’s based on four P's strategies. There is no intermediator and profit orientation. In traditional marketing the various media can be used for marketing products for example television, radio, print such as newspaper, magazines etc. Traditional markets can be also referred to as markets or marketplaces, is a relative to the supermarket stores, usually in a community will have at least one. There are three parties involving in the marketplace processes, which are basically the manufacturers, the marketing intermediaries and the customers. Manufacturers are the ones converting raw materials into goods and will either sell the goods directly to the customers or the marketing intermediaries whereas marketing intermediaries such as physical distribution firms, resellers, financial intermediaries and marketing services agencies will help the company to promote, sell and distribute the products to the final buyers. In traditional markets, customers will be able to see, touch and feel the goods and also have a face-to-face contact with the marketers. Also, customers can make a payment by paying cash, using debit card or credit card.

Digital Market
The definition of the Digital market is an electronic market that the use of information and communications technology to present a range of offerings available in a market segment so that the purchaser can compare the prices (and other attributes) of the offerings and make a purchase decision. Digital market is a broad term that refers to various and different promotional techniques deployed to reach customers via digital technologies. Digital market is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio. In regard to internet marketing, these strategies could include videos, blogs, social networks, banners, online classified, online business listings, affiliate programs, & articles, internet radio shows, and other options. Digital market involves promoting a product or service through the internet, mobile applications or email campaigns. Digital market is also known as Internet marketing, but their actual processes differ, as digital market is considered more targeted, measurable, and interactive.

Difference between Digital Market and Traditional Market
Companies locate those products online that are usually bought by the customers.  They located most wanted products and design with better qualities. Digital marketing helps customers to integrate the customer’s traffic across different types of marketing channels. It helps to open new and latest leas sources that are producing new models for variety of services. It also helps to give practical perspectives to involve the customers are exact decision making process. You can also develop and implement a wide variety of several models of growth. Digital marketing helps to design accurate models of business and track the ways of development in order to introduce with different opportunities through customer oriented approach or technique. When companies decide to expand their networks across cities or countries, they need to study all traditions and buying habits of customers belonging to that location. After study all traditions or buying habits, they need to design their products. When they design their products, they need to use digital marketing to create awareness about their products or services. Digital marketing helps them to promote their products.  Digital marketing is a group of connected devices through internet that always busy to grab the attention of consumers efficiently. Digital marketing has huge innovative techniques or strategies that help companies to expand their products or services. They can make a direct contact with their...
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