Digital Literacy

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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Digital Literacy can vary person to person. Some people may be more digitally literate than others. Threw out everyone’s life there’s a noticeable change in the amount of technology that is present. We now live in a digital era. More and more people are being born into a seemingly technologically advance society. Learning to adapt to current technology cannot only be beneficial but also may be required for the current workplace. The prevalent constant change in technological advances is inevitable. We all must learn to expand our knowledge towards currently growing technology. Some of us have positive feelings about advances in technology, although many may fear the unknown. No one anticipates such drastic change in the way things work. We mustn’t fear change, for changes in the advancement of technology can only expand our current knowledge and apprehension of not only the modern world, but the history behind our everyday existence. However it is also important to not completely rely on technology in case of an emergency situation that might cause technology to fail. Someone who only relies on technology may find themselves, lost, or incapable of everyday life without it. It is important to have basic survival skills incase such an event was to occur. Video games had an influence on my digital literacy. The first video game system I acquired was a Super Nintendo. I started playing video games in my free time, when I was done with school, homework, and chores. When I first got my Super Nintendo I only had a few games for it. I thought it was the best game system ever. I would invite my friends over on the weekends to play Super Mario on my Super Nintendo. After a while I got many more games for the Super Nintendo. I continued to play my Super Nintendo with friends. Then one year for Christmas my parents bought me a PlayStation One. It had better graphics than the Super Nintendo and the games seemed to be slightly more advanced. I enjoyed playing the PlayStation...
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