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Topics: Self-esteem, 2006 singles, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: November 21, 2010
What is the cause of us having low self-esteem? What kind of help can we get so everyone can be normal?

Self-esteem is a very big deal in some people lives. Some people do not know how to handle themselves when it comes down to someone telling them something is wrong with there body’s. Self-esteem can cause depression, which can lead into suicide and deadly action if people do not get any help. In Gen Me Twinge is talking about how people theses days are and how this society is and how is should or could be. I just do not understand how some people can be so into all the plastic surgery or loosing there body weight because some star looks a certain way. Everyone should stop being depressed and love there bodies and not has self-esteem issues.

In Generation Me Twenge talks about how people have low self-esteem and how people are not happy with them, and try to change things that they do not like about themselves. She believes that “We have come to equate looking good with feeling good, and to say that we should do whatever makes us feel good or makes us happy.” For example to me that is something that sounds like a personal problem. There is just some people in life that just take life for granteed and do not use it to there best advantage. They take it as a joke and I believe that self-esteem has a whole lot of depression and people are not happy with themselves.

Twenge also talks about how when people get different things done to there body that always want more and are never happy with the results. Gene states that “ Crystal 23, underwent breast enlargements and liposuction, ostensibly to resemble actress Brooke Burke.” That makes me believe that people are not happy with what they look like and whey do stars or actors cause people to have low self-esteem. I feel that is you want to look like a certain actress then go right ahead and do so but you have to be happy with what you do to your body or change because it will be with you for life. In...
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