Digital Library

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Digital library
A digital library is where the information is digitalised and stored in the form of electronic portal that provides access to all kind of database such as bibliographies, full-text resources, catalogues, search engines, internet resources, reference works, E-journals etc. Earlier its only paper based works only available in libraries. However, technologies have overcome the traditional techniques and ways of gathering information from libraries. . Now in present life we have modest facilities which are called a digital library. Hence, digital library helps students for their learning and saves time instead of spending time to search information from hard copies physically. Since digital libraries are on the internet, there would not be any constraints to retrieve materials and ideas via the network and can easily be find what you are searching for. Furthermore, it is beneficial to use the digitalised scripts rather than books or hard copies because digital library services identify the keyword and the main text we want. Indeed, it is easy to grasp the bullet points and make our work more effective.


Information sources in a digitalised library (DIGITAL LIBRARY):  E-books: E-books or otherwise called as electronic books are the books that are readily available in digital libraries. In the same way of the normal books, these books are on the internet in Pdf formats or other forms. Mostly some of the books are not available in our country perhaps. In this case digital libraries brought the solutions for this situation instead. Despite the fact that having a hard copy with you it is easy to have a soft copy as well. Hence, it need not be to carry where ever you go since online library (digital library) provides you the books. It is easy to study using electronic books rather than hard copies in this situation for the students most prominently.

 Learning materials: Internet is the main source of information transfer around the world which consists of vast number of materials that provide evidence for learners include  Online Database  Subject Resources  Reading List  Perpetual Titles  Theses  i-Repository  E-Learning Resources  Student Hand In addition, these learning materials help to research on the topic what the student wants. It would be easy for the students for the academic purpose as well as for their life too. Online resources expand the student’s skills such as computer skills, research skills and other academic skills also. (Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Digital Library, 2010).


There are information that are stored in various formats include: 1- Electronic journals 2- Scientific data sets 3- Cartographic databases 4- Legal database 5- Expert systems 6- Textual data 7- Image collections 8- Newsgroups, list serves and mail archives 9- Indexes and directories 10- Electronic search and display tools And also 1- Discussion list and forums 2- FTP sites 3- General online services 4- Campus-wide information systems 5- Distributed file servers (Gopal, 2001, p.230-231)


 Information in electronic format: The types of electronic information include, bibliographic, text, numeric, graphic and multimedia files. These information is really very important those who do Information Technology in their studies indeed. In fact, statistics information is a wide range to search; it is difficult for the student’s to use books for the education. In the meantime, the procedure has to change towards the digital library for information retrieval to save time as well. (Heaney, 2009, p. 31)

Figure 1. A book converted to an electronic format PDF (Calibre's primary conversion window , 2011)  Information model: Elements of digital libraries which consist of three classes are elements data which is library materials, Metadata is the information about the library and the process is the information performed over the library. For instance, if these classes are not there in a...
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