Digital Journalism

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Digital Journalism Final Exam Study Guide

I) DIGITAL MEDIA • TRIAL Framework: • Technologies : tools and associated processes that are used to create meaning in media text • ex) camera, computer, microphone, internet, software • Representations : constructions of people, place, events, ideas, and emotions that are applied to create meaning in media texts • ex) people’s stereotypes of different types of people, how media represents people, places,and every other things Institutions : the organizations and people whose operational processes and practices enable or constrain • media production, distribution, and exhibition • ex) film production company, the big executive producers • Audiences : the people and the focus point the film is made • Languages : systems of signs and symbols organized through codes and conventions to create meaning in media texts • Technical codes 1) Shots size : • extreme long shot (establishing shot) = shows you the big picture; establishes your surroundings or settings • long shot : usually traveling shots; don’t give a lot of information • mid shot : a lot of soap operas used this shot because they are studio based; filming outside is expensive • close up : generally on the person’s face; introduces characters • mid-close up : pull the close up out a little bit • extreme close up : draws the attention of the audiences to something very specifically particular 2) Camera Movement : • panning motion : moves from left to right/ right to left • tilting motion : the camera is stationary but moves up and down • dolling motion : has wheels and can move the camera fluidly • track - camera moves with the action 3) Angles : very powerful information givers • high angle : looking down (more inferior) • low angle : looking up (powerful) • standard angle : straight ahead • Symbolic Code 1) Setting : where the whole film takes place 2) Performance : actors/actresses; action of emotion 3) Prop : weaponry 4) Costumes : what we put on people to determine their character; need to research the exact authentic period we are trying to depict 5) Lighting : able to see clearly and clarity; for mood & feeling 6) Makeup & Hair : wigs, facial 7) Mise-en-scene : what goes into the picture • Audio Code 1) Dialogue : quickest way to give information 2) Music : very powerful emotionally

Digital Journalism Final Exam Study Guide

3) Sound effects : sounds that are made outside; different from natural sound 4) Atmosphere : natural sound; the reality of what the people looks out • Written Codes : any written texts we see on the screen • ex) subtitles, titles, credits, supers II) NEWS VALUES 1. timeliness : to be new 2. Interest : needs to interest a large number of people 3. Clarity : needs to be understandable to all • Core Elements : • Consequence : its significance or importance (impact) • Proximity : its nearness of closeness (timeliness) * • Conflict : crime, war, violence, debates • Human Interest : usually about ordinary people who would not otherwise make news • Novelty : usually is placed at the end of the bulletin • Prominence : who does or says what? • other news values : positioned by the media outlet and its target audience • Suspense • Satisfaction • Sensation • Secrecy • Ethics • values are utilized predominantly by commercial news stations because they are seen as being popularly driven; news organization is more responsible • commercial stations are more entertaining - ratings • Editorial & Production Values : • television - visual dimensions; commercial televisions dominated by stories with more exciting pictures • representations of news can be influenced by editorial decisions • time given to a particular story • story’s placement in the bulletin • the language used • Commercial vs. Non-commercial Television Aesthetic Values AESTHETIC VALUES the role of the presenter COMMERCIAL - celebrities = faces of the product that producers seek to sell to audiences - no position to compromise their independence -...
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