Digital Identity

Topics: Digital identity, World Wide Web, Twitter Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: April 9, 2013
“Digital identity has been referred to by many different terms including: online identity, online personality, digiSelf, virtual identity, avatar and online persona” (Koosel 149). These terms all bring up the same meaning; computer users create a new identity for themselves on the Internet. The reason for creating digital identities on the Internet is liberation, because Internet gives liberation to the users. Real identities can only create these digital identities only on the internet, because they have the opportunity to expose their real identities or not. These artificial identities are trying to show themselves to others in order to get attention, but they do not want to expose their real identities. Besides they want to know other people’s opinions. The key point for them is “large areas of opinions and exchange of ideas”(Padilla and Aladro 131) .While computer users create artificial identities, they are trying to present themselves. The only way to exist in the Internet world is building a new personality and it comes true as desired with the representation and “… the representation of the self towards other members of society is essential to build the own personality” (Kneidinger 141). I totally agree with the claim, because by looking these observations, digital identities lead some existential paradoxes. Since Internet gives people more liberation, users can seek publicity and protect their real identities at the same time and self-presentation is essential for them. Firstly, Internet gives liberation to the users, because Internet has provided a new platform and this platform does not exist before, more particularly, there is no platform that enables the users to do what they want to do. Internet holds this power and people are attracted because of that power. “The Internet has provided new interactive platforms of communication that were not available before, with traditional forms of media such as television, radio and print-journalism” (Koosel...
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