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Over the past 30 years digital games has become a huge industry mainly in the entertainment sector. Digital games have become a common activity to fill out time or just simply for leisure. In US and Europe the digital games industry has contributed in developing their economy by providing jobs and even establishing multibillion dollar corporations. In Malaysia through MDEC, the government beginning to nurture this industry hoping that someday the nation will become a major player in this creative industry. MDEC’s role is to support ICT and multimedia companies by offering tax exemption as well as grants to expand the businesses. Over the years MDEC has provided nationwide training and knowhow to the industry player and education community. This review of literature will focus on these 2 questions:

1.Can digital game become more than a tool for entertainment?

2. Can digital game be used in other sectors besides entertainment?

Digital games today are pretty much available in most of consumers’ electronic devices such as handphones, laptops , PC, and so forth, and the devices that offer these digital games are growing every day. This accessibility means that digital games have the potential to innovate the lives of people today.


The term ‘digital’ as stated in the website (2010) elaborates ‘digital’ as an electronic technology store and generate data in bits and bytes and require an electronic devices in order to read and generate the data. Meanwhile the definition of games as best explained in a book by Jim Thompson, Barnaby Berbank-Green and Nic Cusworth (2007) as 'a recreational activity which has commonly agreed rules to achieve an outcome which there is usually a winner or a loser'( p. 13 ). Thus digital game perhaps can be defined as a recreational activity that involves a set of rules and is played using an electronic device.

Discussing about games in his book, Jim et al. (2007) wrote that before the emerging era of digital, people already played games to entertain themselves or to seek a challenge with other players. The earlier games ever recorded was the Senet, which is an ancient Egyptian game dated back in 3500 B.C. At this time people played games to seek a challenge with one another. Provided with a set of rules, usually this rules end up with a winner or a loser .This rules are inherited by most digital games that we play today. Jim et al. (2007) further wrote that these game rules, which is called ‘game mechanics’ by game designers, has over time evolved from a simple winner to loser concept to include more complex mechanics such as strategy, diplomacy, resource management,...
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