Digital Forninsics Report

Topics: Booting, Personal computer, BIOS Pages: 4 (779 words) Published: August 29, 2013
CGS 5131, Computer Forensics I Due: 8/30/2013 Fall 2013 Assignment #0

Report 1.1: Information Retrieval via Software

On 8/29/2013 I began the process of determining the make, model, serial number, and size of the hard drive of the computer I was planning on using for the course. The first method I would use would be to locate this information using the system administrative tools and commands without physically removing the hard drive. The second method would be to remove the HDD from the laptop.

1. In order to find out the make, model, and size of my hard drive without removing the hard drive I navigated to the start menu and typed System Information into the search bar.

2. I then navigated to Components > Storage > Disks

* Make/Manufacturer: Standard disk drives – The reason why this issue occurs is when the Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation provider for the CD-ROM object or for the Disk object does not return information when you query for the manufacturer property as stated by

* Model: ST330Lt007-9zv142

* Size: 320,070,320,640 Bytes

3. In order to determine the devices serial number I then selected the start menu, typed cmd in the search bar and pressed enter. In the cmd I typed “wmic diskdrive get serial number” and pressed enter. The serial number was displayed.

Serial Number: 0W5QMK9Q

Report 1.2: Information Retrieval via Hardware

1. After establishing the findings through the laptop’s internal systems I began the process of gathering the information through removal of the laptops hard drive 2. I used the following tools for analysis: Philips Screwdriver 3. Information was then gathered using the following detailed steps: a. I first removed the battery and the ac adapter from the lap top. b. Use the screw driver to remove the screws from the...
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