Digital Forensics

Topics: Forensic science, Computer forensics, Computer data storage Pages: 5 (1769 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Ques : #2 benefits of digital forensics
The digital age has brought many advantages to individuals and businesses alike since it started. However, it has also brought a whole host of problems with it as well. More people can tap into to technology for fraudulent or criminal means, which has, of course, made business far more vulnerable than it ever has been before. This is why the idea of using digital forensics in the corporate sector has become more and more prevalent over the past few years. One area of UK business and industry you may not think would use digital forensics is the corporate sector, but the companies that provide digital forensics in the corporate sector are in high demand today. They are specialists in what they do, and that can be anything from detecting computer misuse, fraud, inappropriate Internet site unsafe and the theft or loss of Intellectual Property. All of those problems are indeed issues that corporate businesses face on a regular basis. Without digital forensics in the corporate sector, many crimes of the above nature would go unpunished. Specialists in digital forensics in the corporate sector can determine whether any incident of misuse or criminal activity has taken place on a computer and the extent to which it has occurred. This then enables the company and the police if necessary to take the appropriate action. Outsourcing such work is actually more cost effective than running internal departments from year to year and so you may wish to consider the use of a specialist company as and when you need them.

The main task or the advantage from the computer forensic is to catch the culprit or the criminal who is involved in the crime related to the computers. The information of the computer is advantageous in case where the involvement of hardware and software with which forensics expert is familiar. The basics of the computer design and architecture play a prominent role and the expert professional should have a great deal of knowledge about the fundamental software design and implementation. This is quite often similar from one computer system to the other. Experience of one application, software, file system or the operating system can be applied to gain the results in the other aspects of the case. The computer crime exists in many forms. Computer Forensics deals extensively to find the evidence in order to prove the crime and the culprit behind it in a court of law. The forensics provides the organization with a support and helps them recover their loss. If it is known that the data exists then the alternate formats of the same data or the information can also be recovered. The discovery of the data or the information that can provide vital clues in the prosecution of the criminal is itself a process. A forensics expert always identifies many possibilities that to get a relevant evidence. In addition to all the benefits of utilizing the services of the computer forensics, the professional may also undertake the inspections of the location during on site premises. This may be required in the cases where the signs or clues of the physical movement are required. Some cases may also involve additional information regarding the earlier versions or the method of backups, formatted versions of data or information, which is either created or treated by the other application programs. The application programs may have different formats also. Some of the application programs include the word processors, spreadsheets, email, timeline and scheduling applications and even the usage of graphical applications.

The important thing and the major advantage regarding the computer forensics is the preservation of the evidence that is collected during the process. The protection of evidence can be considered as critical. A computer forensics professional expert...
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