Digital Evidence and Search and Seizure

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  • Published: January 22, 2013
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CPSC 4680/5680 Computer Crime Investigations
Lab #1: Digital Evidence and Search and Seizure

Instructor: Dr. Joseph M. Kizza
Author: Matous Havlena
Date: 2nd September 2012

Project 1-1
Gallant Computer Investigative Services
Gallant Computer Investigative Services, LLC1, provides computer forensic, electronic discovery, and incident response supports, as well as computer forensics training to law enforcement, IT professionals, and the legal community. Gallant Computer Investigative Services was founded by David Gallant, who has over 24 years of investigative experience, especially when he was serving as a federal agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). He contributed to the initial investigative activity for one of the most successful computer hacker investigations in history. Following his retirement in 2001, he entered the corporate security world. Services Offered

* Computer Forensics – GCIS provides systematic analysis of computer media using court and industry accepted software and techniques. They are mainly focused on criminal defense cases, theft of intellectual property, family law (divorce cases), probate cases (search for assets), violation of non-competition clauses, unauthorized use of corporate networks, and decryption of files. * Cell Phone Forensics – GCIS provides systematic analysis of cell phones and other portable devices. GCIS can forensically extract call history, SMS, images, internet browsing history, file system, phonebook, calendar, and stored media. * On-site Forensics – GCIS is able to bring or ship a complete forensic network to customer’s location. Services include forensic imaging of computers and cell phones, and forensic procession using Forensic Toolkit’s distributed processing network feature. GCIS owns recreational vehicle which can operate in remote regions where office space and lodging is non-existent. * Electronic Discovery, trainings, and other services....
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