Digital Citizenship

Topics: Technology, Ethics, Economic systems Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Digital Citizenship
Astolfo J. Rios Jr.
Kaplan University
IT193-05: Foundations of Programming Using Visual Basic
Professor Stephen Beyer
September 22, 2012

This paper is to demonstrate digital citizenship’s competiveness and collaboration in a global economy. There are nine themes in digital citizenship; the paper will only have four of the themes for the understanding in competiveness and collaboration in a global economy.

Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship may be defined as the norms of appropriate and responsible behavior with regard to technology use. Digital citizenship is a model that is used to helps teachers, technology leaders and parents to comprehend what students/children/technology users must recognize to use technology correctly. There are nine themes of digital citizenship. Four of the nine themes of digital citizenship are needed to understand competiveness and collaboration in a global economy. The four themes are digital commerce, digital etiquette, digital law, and digital security. Digital commerce is buying and selling of goods electronically. Users needed to be aware that a big share of market economy is done electronically. There are legitimate and legal exchanges occurring; there are issues that buyers and sellers needed to be aware of. Users have toys, clothing, cars, food, and etc. is available for purchase on the internet. There are some goods and services that are in conflict with some countries laws and morals that are surfacing. These might include illegal downloading, pornography, and gambling. Users needed to adapt to being effective consumers of this new digital economy. Digital etiquette is the electronic standards of conduct or procedure. Users are having problems dealing with this area as digital citizen. We know inappropriate behavior when we see it; digital etiquette should be learned before someone uses technology. In stopping inappropriate use rules and regulations are...
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