Digital Camera Decisions

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Which digital camera shall I buy?
Which digital camera should be bought is dependent on the photographer, budget as well as the end use. Kindly read the section “Most common and useful feature in digital Cameras” first, if you are not familiar with the basic terms used in digital camera specifications. If you are familiar, continue. I would like to take pictures of get-together etc; I occasionally go out on short trips. I have a small budget only. In this case the person can look forward for a smaller budget camera in the entry level camera with 4 or 5 MP resolution, 3x zoom with basic video shooting. Some manufacturers provide optical image stabilization etc, even in their basic models. If you get these things within your budget, go for it. I am using a good film camera. I take the camera wherever I go. I would like to take pictures inside the house as well as good scenery. Try for a wide angle lens camera. For novices, image stabilization may be of great help. In this case also go for a basic camera with image stabilization. It would be advisable to take a 5MP to 8MP digital camera, with 6X zoom. A 3X zoom also can do the trick.

I often go out, enjoy partying, dancing etc. I always want to carry the camera with me, preferably in my pocket. Though I am not a very good photographer, I take photographs often. Go for an ultra compact slim camera with at least 3X zoom and a 5MP resolution. (Slim cameras often have 10MP resolution but costlier too.) If your budget allows image stabilization, definitely go for that. I am using a basic digital camera right now. I live in a scenic place. I would like to take pictures of my child playing football in the ground. I use the camera inside the house as well as outside. Try for medium range zoom camera (6X to 10X), 10X preferred, with more than 5 MP resolution. Always buy camera with image stabilization and preferably with dual image stabilization. I am interested in a camera which can be used for shooting birds, as well...
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